Transforming Beliefs Transcending Limitation

Meet Anita


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. Curious to know a little more about me that you won't find below? Then go ahead and check out this short video (you know you want to).


 After working for many years in a corporate setting, I no longer found fulfillment but found myself in tears every day instead. This left me feeling scared and anxious because I didn't understand what was happening to me. I felt lost and stuck because I didn't know what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go in life.

Although I always knew in my heart that being of service for the greater good was my calling, the HOW of it was ever elusive. Thus began my soul searching and after spending hours on end each day over many years, learning and understanding what was holding me back, I discovered a unique process I call Reconcile and Resolve, that created immediate and impactful breakthroughs from my self-defeating beliefs and emotional pain and I was on my way!

  I no longer felt scared or anxious because I understood where the pain was coming from and how to resolve it. I was free!
I no longer felt lost and stuck because I discovered my power, passion and purpose in the process. I was hopeful!
I now have a clear direction in life - to facilitate this transformation in others like you! I found fulfillment!

I cannot wait to begin the journey with you.