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Meet Anita


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 After working for many years in a corporate setting I found my job to no longer be satisfying even though I was doing my “duty” by being a contributing member of society. I therefore granted myself permission to stay home and raise my two boys, thus fulfilling a long held, deep seated desire. That permission allowed me to be liberated from the guilt and shame associated with “simply” being a stay-home Mum.

Although I always knew in my heart that being of service for the greater good was my calling, the HOW of it was ever elusive. So when my children grew older, I began my soul searching and much to my surprise I found myself losing my religion in the process. Here, again, I examined my level of growth and evolution from performing these daily rites and rituals necessary to be a good servant in the eyes of dogma. I found that there was none, no growth, in over three decades of doing the same thing day in and day out. However, I discovered an even greater gift - I found my own spirituality and connection with the Divine Essence. I lost my religion but I didn't lose my faith. The rituals I performed with religion, put God outside of me… rediscovering my own faith, ignited the Goddess within.

Through my daily, unprompted struggles with my own inadequacies, I found myself at the end of my rope and turned to meditation for the first time. It was through this process of finding inner peace in the nanoseconds of stillness that I discovered what was the doorway to my calling - Energy Healing. It resonated so deeply with me that I have since 2011 been working in the holistic field and hold credentials in healing through Sacred Geometry Levels 1 and 2 as well as Eden Energy Medicine.

I have created an environment of complete safety and trust which lead to my seamless transition from hands-on healing to Transformational Coaching specializing in Women & Men in Transition - as I embraced this as being a natural progression to what my clients most needed.

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My desire to provide a more efficient and effective way of processing issues from the past has lead me to intuitively develop my unique style, the Reconciliation & Reveal Process. Understanding why you continue to repeat the same patterns that you wish to break free from is a critical piece in the healing journey.  I have designed the Reconciliation & Reveal Process to provide the necessary foundation for my clients to have a breakthrough from the very first session. I am passionate about creating an impact that is quick, efficient and lasting and I do so with compassion, empathy and integrity while being right by your side as you rediscover your own empowerment for approaching daily life with a whole new baseline.

 I cannot wait to begin the journey with you!

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