Transforming Beliefs Transcending Limitation

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You may be in transition in your life right now, perhaps related to:

∗separation  ∗career change  ∗divorce  ∗empty-nester a shift in religion

This could be the cause of deep emotional stress such as:

∗overwhelm  ∗lack of clarity  ∗low self-esteem  ∗an inability to speak up for yourself

You may be at a loss for the right solution and this leaves you feeling desperate, powerless and stuck. Sound familiar?

Take a breath. You’ve come to the right place.

RECONCILE & RESOLVE is a process I developed to look at the challenge from a different perspective, one, perhaps you haven’t before considered. Usually, you don’t even know that a strong self-defeating belief, likely from childhood, is the underlying cause behind the struggles you are experiencing today. I help you to clearly see how that belief is impacting every decision you make today, even if you haven't thought about your past in ages. What’s truly magnificent, is once we connect those dots, then we can reconcile this belief pattern and you can detach and release yourself from the fear, anger, shame, blame or guilt that has enslaved you - a resolution!

Now, how does that sound?


  • Determining what your immediate challenge is.
  • Getting to the root of how and why your self-defeating belief patterns were created.
  • A visualization exercise that allows you to reconcile and resolve those beliefs so that they no longer control or affect you in the same way.
  • Tools, techniques and guidance to successfully navigate through the challenges.

    This process helps you create a shift in the moment by discovering a critical piece of the puzzle which is, understanding why you repeat the very patterns you want to break free from.

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  • "With Anita's guidance and insight, I was able to hone in on the specific unresolved emotion, address it lovingly, and let it go! The resulting energetic effect of this was felt within days when I was able to use the event as an example to a colleague and talk about it without becoming emotional about it-a first! Sessions with Anita are life-changing!" ~Stacey


  • "Anita has truly changed my life in a shorter time than any other coach, friend or anyone I know. I sincerely believe she has the power to transform and liberate by tapping into the inner subconscious. I have found every session with her to be amazing and incredibly worthwhile - the highest recommendation I can give in my experience with many coaches over decades of work. This helped me become better in my personal and professional life!" ~Jay


  • "I am so thankful I met Anita. I am a new person because of her. I have worked with others to improve myself, but they only scratched the surface. Anita helps me dig down deep to get rid of the yuckiness that keeps me in a sad box and not moving forward with my life.  In a short time of working with her, I have more self-worth, I’m genuinely happy, I have the joy I used to have when I was a little girl and I’m viewing and reacting differently to difficult situations I face daily." ~Nicole


  • A sense of relief when you gain clarity as to why you’re experiencing these particular challenges.
  • Self-empowerment when you begin changing those self-defeating beliefs to reflect the truth of who you really are. In other words, Un-Becoming.
  • A new perspective on how to approach life.
  • A new found sense of strength and hope at being able to overcome your difficulties.
  • Freedom and joy at being your authentic self.
  • The ability to make better decisions and life choices without fear.
  • The ability to stand up for yourself and be your own advocate for what you truly deserve.
  • Getting to know yourself at a much deeper and intimate level - coming home to you.
  • Non-conforming - the courage to do things your way.
  • Being in the drivers seat of your life again.

Ready for your transformation?


PURPOSETo inspire others to embrace their inherent core values and worthiness.

WAY: By listening intently with awareness, compassion, and empathy while offering guidance with gentleness, directness, and understanding.

IMPACT: Inwardly embracing loving-kindness for self translates to outwardly extending loving-kindness to all others.

Loving People = Loving Planet