Transforming Beliefs Transcending Limitation



You know that you are more than your circumstances. You know that you are more than your history. You know that you are more!

And yet you find yourself wrestling with the same issues day in and day out. You desperately try to distract yourself to avoid focusing on your struggles and it gets increasingly harder each day. Don’t you feel utterly overwhelmed and exhausted? I remember all too well what that was like.


You need a reset! The good news - it’s closer than you think. It’s right inside you.

Together we take the time to recognize the movie that is running those old, outdated, untrue stories on repeat, over and over… rampantly creating the circumstances you find yourself in and you get to uncover the strongest beliefs that are still running you today.

How is it showing up in your daily life?

Identify      Witness      Reconcile



 As the shift takes place on the inside, see your outer world reflect those changes too. Why? Because these experiences are more in alignment with your new beliefs.... your new baseline. 
You feel lighter, more understood, less tense, more YOU. You get to keep all the good stuff.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to completely love and accept yourself?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not judge, criticize or berate yourself anymore?

Have you ever wondered what living life on your terms would feel like?

That's what led me here.


"What you have taught me is literally life-changing." M. Farrukh

"It has been a true pleasure working with Anita and receiving the many gifts she offers." Dr. L. Bell

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freedom calls new


"Anita was knowledgeable, empowering, and structured in her approach." Dr. D. Naidoo

"My session with Anita was amazing." G. Kaufmann

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Give this gift of freedom to yourself. You deserve it.
Transformational Coaching with Anita Govender can get you there!

Ready for your transformation?


PURPOSETo inspire everyone to embrace their inherent core values and worthiness.

WAYBy listening intently with awareness, compassion, and empathy while offering guidance with gentleness, directness, and understanding.

IMPACTInwardly embracing loving-kindness for self translates to outwardly extending loving-kindness to all others.

Loving People = Loving Planet