Transforming Beliefs Transcending Limitation

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You may be in transition in your life right now, perhaps related to:

∗separation  ∗career change  ∗divorce  ∗empty-nester a shift in religion

This could be the cause of emotional distress such as:

∗overwhelm  ∗lack of clarity  ∗low self-esteem  ∗anxiety  ∗an inability to speak up for yourself

You may be at a loss for the right solution leaving you feeling desperate, powerless, and stuck. Sound familiar?

Take a breath. You’ve come to the right place.



is a process I developed to look at the challenge from a different perspective, one, perhaps you haven’t before considered. Usually, you don’t even know that strong self-defeating thoughts or beliefs, likely from childhood, are the underlying cause behind the struggles you are experiencing today. I help you clearly see how those thoughts are impacting every decision you make today, even if you haven't thought about your past in ages. What’s truly magnificent, is once we connect those dots, then you can reconcile those belief patterns from negative to neutral and you can detach and release yourself from the fear, anger, shame, blame, or guilt that has enslaved you - a resolution!


  • I completed the Beliefs 180 Workshop recently and it was truly transformational. I cannot recommend it enough! I left feeling like my energy had been truly changed and that parts of my healing have been kick-started. It was so transformational that I also began private sessions with Anita to continue the healing practice. I left feeling more self-confident in my own emotions and felt that I was given tools and insight into repairing things in myself that would lead me to a more fulfilled life. It made me realize I have more healing to do in aspects of my life that I thought were already healed. We are all trying to continually improve, and whether something traumatic has happened in your life or, you feel your life is fulfilled currently, this class will change something inside you. It has given me peace in a time of life that has been filled with chaos and has made me feel more like myself again. ~Claire


  • "Anita has truly changed my life in a shorter time than any other coach, friend or anyone I know. I sincerely believe she has the power to transform and liberate by tapping into the inner subconscious. I have found every session with her to be amazing and incredibly worthwhile - the highest recommendation I can give in my experience with many coaches over decades of work. This helped me become better in my personal and professional life!" ~Jay


  • "I am so thankful I met Anita. I am a new person because of her. I have worked with others to improve myself, but they only scratched the surface. Anita helps me dig down deep to get rid of the yuckiness that keeps me in a sad box and not moving forward with my life.  In a short time of working with her, I have more self-worth, I’m genuinely happy, I have the joy I used to have when I was a little girl and I’m viewing and reacting differently to difficult situations I face daily." ~Nicole
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  • "With Anita's guidance and insight, I was able to hone in on the specific unresolved emotion, address it lovingly, and let it go! The resulting energetic effect of this was felt within days when I was able to use the event as an example to a colleague and talk about it without becoming emotional about it-a first! Sessions with Anita are life-changing!" ~Stacey


  • "My session with Anita Govender was amazing. Together we surfaced a situation from my childhood that I thought I had previously resolved, but here it was again in a deeper form of an inner child-derived belief. It was profound to see this from another perspective. FREEING me from carrying that belief any longer, or having it define my choices & actions as an adult. Very powerful, gratitude to Anita Govender, an extraordinary guide, getting to the heart of the matter!" ~Gaylyn

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