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This experience has taught me more than I could have hoped for or could have expected. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect going into it. All I did know was that I was getting sick and tired of all the crap that seemed to be repetitive in my life, but I just couldn't put my finger on what it was. Going through this process with Anita Govender did exactly what the title suggests, Awaken to my B.S. Usually, the way to break a toxic cycle is by identifying the problem. Until I sat down and talked it through with Anita, I never identified what the problem actually was. After I did sit down with her, it was like a light bulb went off in my head. She helped and guided me in becoming more accountable, aware, and honest with myself, something that I hadn't achieved before. She helped me work through this, to which I still am very thankful. Her wisdom and understanding through her own experiences also really resonated with me, even with the simplest of examples.

As I worked with Anita, there were many times where it was challenging and hard to get through. The first time I embraced the inner child in myself was probably one of the hardest things I had to do. It was challenging to confront that part and also recognize that my inner child was actually me. Through reconciling with both my present self and my inner child, I started to understand how the second two portions came into play, Reclaiming My Power and then both discovering and embracing my True Freedom. I don't think there is truer freedom than from the peace and understanding you develop with and within yourself. It is hard, but it is definitely worth it.

Thank you so, so much again. What you have taught me is literally life-changing.

M. Farrukh

"It has been a true pleasure working with Anita Govender and receiving the many gifts she offers…. not only in the professional setting but in the context of being a client as well.  In one session, she was able to help me get to the root and very heart of a long-established pattern which upon resolution has proved itself to be one of the most impactful experiences on my healing journey.  The insights in working with her continue to inform my thoughts, actions, sense of being, and heart each and every day.

Anita Govender has an amazing ability to sort through complex information, sifting out priorities of relevance, and putting it all into very accessible and easily digestible bits so that healing is not only quick but deep, meaningful and above all, sustainable.  Her style is direct, gentle, and full of heart."

Lawrence Bell

"Working under the guidance of Anita Govender has been really informative! Her approach is gentle, understanding and it is clear that right from the start, she had my best interests at heart.

Anita was knowledgable, empowering, and structured in her approach to my session, but did so in a manner that felt natural and organic, not mechanical or rote.

I felt truly "listened" to, and ended the session with new insights about myself, life, and a refreshed optimism. I would recommend most people to try out a session with her to experience this for themselves. Thanks Anita!”

Dr. Delan Naidoo

"My session with Anita Govender was amazing. Together we surfaced a situation from my childhood that I thought I had previously resolved, but here it was again in a deeper form of inner child derived belief. It was profound to see this from another perspective. FREEING me from carrying that belief any longer, or having it define my choices & actions as an adult. Very powerful, gratitude to Anita Govender, an extraordinary guide, getting to the heart of the matter!"

Gaylyn K.

Anita Govender is a good listener, insightful, compassionate, and supportive which allows her to guide her clients in a most effective way. Along with her direct approach, her unique process helps one move forward with ease in a swift manner. I would highly recommend working with her. You will be amazed at the transformation in your life!

K. Scott